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Worth Waiting For is a sexual abstinence program directed at teens and preteens.  The program is designed to help teens/preteens understand God's plan for sex and the physical and emotional consequences of sex outside of marriage.  There are many other components to the program, which has been presented in public and private schools, camps, and other venues.  Here you will find a collection of notes and resources used in the program.  Contact us for more info.

Reasons kids give into sexual pressure before marriage

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What are some common reasons people (kids) give into sexual pressure before marriage?


  • desire to be loved
  • afraid of rejection
  • afraid of losing their boyfriend/girlfriend
  • afraid they won't be loved for who they really are
  • afraid of being labeled
  • afraid of being unwanted
  • afraid something is wrong with them if their partner doesn't want to have sex with them
  • believe it will make them feel special or more feminine/masculine
  • desire to 'feel good'
  • desire to escape from other pressures in their life
  • desire to rebel (against parents, God, others)
  • curiosity
  • belief that it will make the other person want to pursue them more and increase commitment
  • feel indebted to the other person